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Solo show in Brazil

Só um Desejo de Nitidez Ampara o Mundo

// O Sítio Art Gallery

// solo show + artist talk

// Florianópolis, Brazil

// Jan 17 - Feb 09

// opening Jan 17 @7pm

The exhibition Só um Desejo de Nitidez Ampara o Mundo will take place at the gallery O Sítio and proposes a selection of my recent artworks. It brings together 5 videos and a video installation that investigates and/or proposes resistances to the forms of domination - capitalism, colonialism and patriarchy - through strategies that cross elements from documentary, fiction and performance. Dissonant voices and bodies that search other forms of occupying their space in the world.

On the night of the opening, I will also give an artist talk focusing on my films.


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